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Empowering you to perform at your peak, in and out of the gym.

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Our mission is to empower clients to reach their full potential through personalized and supportive training. We believe in training smart, safe, and with purpose, and our approach to fitness is tailored to each individual's unique goals and abilities. Our welcoming and inclusive community is built on strong relationships, where every client's name and story is known from day one. At our gym, we go beyond traditional training methods and strive to deliver results that positively impact every aspect of our clients' lives. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or new to fitness, we are here to guide you on your journey and help you train with confidence and achieve your goals.

Our Story

We(Bryan & Myles) were tired of being a part of a culture both in the gym and clinic that focused entirely on client volume and profits with no care for actual quality of treatment.


We decided the best way to fix this undesirable predicament was to start our own health and performance centre. Consequently, in June 2020, ADAPT Performance Training was born.


With Covid-19 putting a damper on small businesses at time, we started our business out of the East Hants Sportsplex, where we used the rink surface as a functional gym space and a small additional room for therapy services.


September 2021, we leased our first building in the Elmsdale Business Park, dealt with some tough Covid restrictions, spent all our time adapting to virtual needs and started to bring in some specialist to help with our vision.


We educated people on how to get the most out of their bodies, sought to differentiate ourselves from other similar businesses and found ways to give back to our community with the platform we had built.

In 2023, our gym and team joined forces with Renew Health to create the East Hants Health and Performance Center. Our shared facility allows for optimal client care as our two businesses work seamlessly together to provide a unique, collaborative health and wellness experience.


Our biggest mission when we started ADAPT was to IMPACT lives through client and community first based training and therapy. And that is still our biggest mission today.

Meet the Team

At ADAPT Performance Training, our goal is to seamlessly blend injury treatment with performance-enhancing strength and conditioning. Our team of highly knowledgeable trainers and therapists understand the principles of both injury rehabilitation and performance optimization, providing a well-rounded approach to fitness.

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