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Movement for a quality Performance

At ADAPT we believe that great personal training and therapy should be based on quality movement. We strive to educate and demonstrate that you can fix your body and prevent injury while reaching your weight loss or performance goals at the same time!

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Striving to be different!

At ADAPT we are striving to be different. We continue to grow an atmosphere that focuses on performance, community and client-first care. We aspire to put the "personal" back in personal training. We believe no other gym focuses on the quality of movement and education in their one on one sessions like we do. 

Our Mission:

To impact lives through client and community first based training and therapy. To make our clients' best part of the day the time spent with us. To educate and work with our clients to reach a level of pain-free performance they never thought possible. 

Meet The Team



Lead Trainer/Owner

Bryan was born and bred in East Hants, NS.  As a former professional and collegiate hockey goalie Bryan has a wealth of experience in the performance realm. He loves to help clients find the edge they need to thrive in the gym and life. His programming and intention to detail is second to none. 


Athletic Therapist/Owner

Myles Coldwell helps people reach their potential in sport and life through movement and manual based therapy. Through movement analysis and systemic orthopaedic assessment, Myles finds out what the body needs and feeds it with stimulating hands on techniques and precise exercise prescription.

Myles has honed his skills through a multitude of experiences, which include working under a number of amazing therapists and sport physicians including a stint as an intern for the Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League.



With a background in figure skating and dance Deidra is a perfect fit for any artistic or skating based athletes looking for a boost in performance. She is also, the queen of RECOVERY with a certificate in FASCIAL STRETCH THERAPY. If you are lucky she will get you on her table to stretch you out so that you can take on the rest of your day tension free. She loves to supplement her training sessions with YOGA, PILATES and MOBILITY implements to give her clients the best results! To learn more about Deidra click below...



We are looking for other health professionals to join our growing team at ADAPT starting September 2021!

If you have an entrepreneurial mindset and want the freedom to grow your own practice in a fun and creative environment email us today!!!


"Bryan has allowed me to find my passion for athletics again, and pushes me to take my fitness to the next level.  Myles has taught me lessons in taking care of my body and my spirit through movement, maintenance and recovery techniques. Sara-Anne has given me the gift of loving group fitness offering fun, supportive classes to build strong, amazing bodies and happy minds." 

Ali MacGillivary