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Train Smart. Train Safe. Train with Purpose .

Designed to Improve your Performance in Life.

Transform Your Habits with ADAPT: Expert Coaches & Supportive Community

Our Methods

Our Methods
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Full access to facilities to perform independent programming. Open gym is available all day and includes early morning and late night access.


Research- and performance-based fitness classes, tailored to accommodate all ages and fitness levels. In addition to our daily classes, we also offer team training for athletes and sports teams. Our experienced trainers will design a program specifically for your team, providing a dynamic and results-driven workout experience.


Personalized training options for individuals, small groups, and semi-private sessions, designed to help you achieve your specific goals and aspirations. Whether you're an experienced athlete or just starting your fitness journey, our team will customize our services to meet your unique needs and help you reach your full potential.


We have brought together a seasoned team of trainers knowledgeable in injury rehabilitation and therapists skilled in strength and conditioning. With our facility co-located with Renew Health at East Hants Health and Performance Center, we foster a collaborative environment for optimal client care. 

Workout Facility

Workout Facility

No Contracts

We believe in earning your loyalty through great service and a positive gym experience. By not locking you into a contract, we have an incentive to constantly improve and retain you as a client.

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