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 Adapt Fitness is a different kind of gym. As an attendee to your first class, you feel a sense of being welcome; like an open invitation to be a part of a great team. There’s no pressure, no judgement, and no intimidation. The owners, and the instructors want to see everyone succeed. They do this by being approachable, by adapting and modifying exercises promptly, and discreetly, all while encouraging the group to push themselves to achieve strength, and greatness in the workout. 


Owners Bryan and Myles are entering the fitness industry for the long haul. They are top notch fitness professionals who have the knowledge, the experience, the motivation, and creativity to stand out among a crowd for many years to come.

Bryan is a genuine & smart individual, who  has a very approachable, and welcoming demeanour. He has an ability to shock his client during a workout with a grit that keeps you committed to pushing harder; and surpass rep, after rep. As a result the the client walks away sweaty, and successful; with a sense of accomplishment, and strength.


Myles is brilliant in his knowledge of the human body, and it’s kinetics. His field is under utilized by the general public and deserves recognition in the ability to help all injured people heal, and recover promptly. His tests, and manipulations exceed expectations, and outperforms other therapies. After my first treatment I left his office with significant improvement. He collaborated with Bryan to develop plan to strengthen, and resolve my injury. After 3 visits to Myles, and a 2 month commitment to exercise, I am pain free with a strength, and mobility I was lacking.

Jenn Joedicke

A year ago I made the decision to commit to self care.  I had neglected myself since having my kids and not taken any time to fill up my own cup. A friend suggested that I join her for a SAS bootcamp to start my journey towards my physical health goals.  What I did not expect was that I would be

Ali MacGillivary

Ali MacGillivary

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starting my mental and

emotional health journeys too!


Bryan, Sara-Anne and Myles have provided me a safe, fun and educational environment to learn, train and grow.  All three coaches have unique gifts, but they all knew what I needed each day, how to push me out of my comfort zone and how to empower me with skills and knowledge in physical literacy, self confidence and even interpersonal skills. 


Bryan has allowed me to find my passion for athletics again and pushes me to take my fitness to the next level.  Myles has taught me lessons in taking care of my body and my spirit through movement, maintenance and recovery techniques. Sara-Anne has given me the gift of loving group fitness offering fun, supportive classes to build strong, amazing bodies and happy minds. 


Health, wellness and self care now lead our day to day lives because of the drive and wisdom these three coaches have empowered my family with.  Now that I am filling my cup and I am able to fill others too! I am beyond grateful to have Bryan, SAS and Myles in my life and in our community.  I am a better person because of my time with them.  It takes a village to “build” great humans.  I am so blessed that they are part of my village. 

Ali MacGillivary

I have worked with Bryan, SAS and Myles since April, and have lost over 30 inches and almost 30 pounds. With their guidance and different training styles, I have been able to stay engaged and motivated. I've seen huge changes, and I feel GREAT!

The support received from the trainers has been incredible. The energy and enthusiasm they engage from their participants makes it a joy to come. I genuinely look forward to coming back to class every day.


The trainers are knowledgeable and able to extend their knowledge and skills in meaningful ways that adapt into their workouts. They extend their love of what they do and passion for helping people in all their efforts. I look forward to developing under their guidance and highly recommend them to anyone looking to partake in fitness goals. Whether it be athletic, fitness or overall health, I truly believe they can help you if you let them!

Sarah Stewart

"I joined the Adapt community after 6 long months of working from home during the pandemic. It was great to get back to the gym and get out of the house but a lingering injury flared up as soon as I started working out again. Between Athletic Therapy with Myles and the strengthening from the bootcamps, I am now pain free and feel great. The others are so encouraging and I look forward to class every day!"

Iona Mitchell

If you have a story about how we have impacted you we would love to hear it. We are striving to leave an impact on our community and stories like these ones help us make a positive impact on more peoples' lives.

Jen Joedicke
Sarah S.
Iona M.
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