The number one reasons people don't stay consistent with their fitness goals is accountability, burnout and injury. This is why our services focus on keeping you accountable and injury-free. We make sure you are doing exercises that are safe for your body while helping you reach your goals! We also help you fix your sh#$t! In other words we help you look good and feel good!

  • This 1-on-1 session is built for individual athletes and clients.

  • Work out with a group of 2-4 people for added fun.

  • Sport Specific Team or Group Training

  • Assessment, manual therapy and injury rehabilitation

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Mon-Fri: 6AM to 8PM

Sat-Sun: TBD

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East Hants Sportsplex

1076 Highway # 2
Lantz, NS

B2S 1M8

Personal Training: Bryan Gillis


Phone: (902)880-3139

Athletic Therapy: Myles Coldwell


Phone: (902)758-5576