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Deidra is our queen of RECOVERY. Not only is she a highly qualified personal trainer, but she is a certificated FASCIAL STRETCH THERAPIST. If you are lucky she will get you on her table to stretch you out so that you can take on the rest of your day tension free. She loves to supplement her fascial stretch therapy and training sessions with YOGA, PILATES and MOBILITY implements to give her clients the best results! 

What is Fascial Stretch Therapy?

FST is a gentle, pain-free, assisted stretching technique performed by Certified Fascial Stretch Therapists to assess and remove restrictions to movement within joints, muscles, fascia and the nervous system This is an effective technique to improve mobility and help manage pain using oscillation, circumduction and fascial traction techniques. By targeting the fascial systems of the body the therapist can facilitate complete relaxation and down regulation of the nervous system.

What are the benefits of FST?

- Significantly reduce pain levels

- Create optimal joint mobility and range of motion

- Improve posture

- Improve sleep, digestion and energy levels

- Decrease adhesions in connective tissues

- Decrease mental stress

- Mitigate injury and reduce tension

- Improve sport specific movement/performance

- Increase good endorphins in the bloodstream

- Increase overall relaxation and aid in recovery of all fascial components (Joint capsule, ligaments, tendons and muscles throughout the body)

DEIDRA BRISSON- Fascial Stretch Therapist

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Phone: (902) 883-1939

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